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Ulf is a learning innovation expert and has been appointed Professor for Educational Management and Lifelong Learning at the Baden-Wurttemberg Cooperative State University in Karlsruhe in 2011. He is appointed by the president as Senior Strategic Advisor for digital transformation of teaching and learning for the university. From 2011-2016 he held the position of Vice president at the same university and has been responsible for Quality and Academic Affairs. He held positions as Associate Professor of University Duisburg-Essen (Germany), Professor for Technology Enhanced Learning of University Augsburg (Germany) and Associate Professor of the Graduate School for Management and Technology of the University of Maryland University College (USA).

Ulf is founding member and past President of the European Foundation for Quality in E-Learning (2011-2014). He has served as elected President of the largest Association for E-Learning in German speaking countries, The Society for Media in Science (GMW e.V.)  (2008-2010).

He currently is the elected Vice-president of the European Association for Institutes of Higher Education in his second term (2017-today), a European membership organization with more than 600 institutional members. Also Ulf is elected director and member of the executive committee  of the European Distance and  E-Learning Network (2018-2021). For the term of service for 2019/2020 he has been appointed to  co-chair the Bologna Follow Up Advisory Group for Learning and Teaching, together with the French Ministry of Higher Education and the Dutch Ministry of Higher education.

Ulf is a featured keynote-speaker and speaker to audiences in more than 45 countries, and is author of more than 150 scholarly articles with over 3000 academic citations and has published 18 books. Ulf is an educational scientist and holds degrees in English Language, Social Sciences and Educational Sciences from the University of Bielefeld, where he finished his Ph.D. with honors in the field of Technology Enhanced Learning in 2003. He was awarded a Habilitation in 2008 from the University of Duisburg-Essen. In his research he established a groundbreaking model for quality from the learner’s perspective and an internationally awarded quality culture model for educational organisations.

Being an activist for education innovation he has supported the development of innovation and quality communities in education, training and lifelong learning, stringily focussing on digital transformation. Part of this work resulted in the establishment of international quality labels, prices and awards throughout Europe.     He has created many international, European and national projects on education quality, ICT and learning in all education sectors and almost all continents.

Ulf is an internationally recognized researcher and innovator in the area of E-Learning. He has extensive experience in helping individuals achieving superior learning performances and has run lighthouse initiatives in the field of e-learning and knowledge management as well as e-business, including knowledge-technology consulting for small and medium sized enterprises. Ulf has developed the Learners’ Quality Model for e-learning, which is a basis for learner centered quality development in e-learning. He is working as advisor to governments and non-governmental organisations in the field of learning and development cooperation and is member of several advisory boards and editorial committees.

3 Responses to | Bio (engl.)

  1. Sehr geehrter Herr Ehlers,
    zum Thema eLearning in Afrika und anderswo:
    Hier ist ein kompletter Studiengang “sexuelle Gesundheit” in mehreren Sprachen:
    Leider ist er nur in China interaktiv, aber er wird auch, so wie er ist, in vielen anderen Ländern genutzt, siehe meine Besucherstatistik::http://www2.hu-berlin.de/sexology/webstats/
    Das Ganze ist mein Privatprojekt, allein von mir selbst finanziert. Ihre Meinung dazu würde mich interessieren.


  2. Peter Drough says:

    This looks really interesting, how do I contact you?


  3. Well: by mail? :-))


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