BI.teach – The digital semester as a catalyst?

<<ENGLISH>> Next Wednesday the fifth BI.teach – Teaching Day 2020 will take place with the subject “Flexible and inclusive teaching and learning – The digital semester as a catalyst?”

I will start with a keynote on future skills, which are essential for the future of education, and which are also digital skills.
But Future Skills are more than just a list of skills that have to be developed in educational institutions, they go deeper and thus reach the basis of education and of dealing with work and the world of work!

The presentation at BI.teach – Teaching Day 2020 will focus on three aspects:

  1. the processing of the change in organisational structures and its drivers
  2. the processing of skills based on various empirical studies
  3. an outline of the university of the future

The Day of Teaching will take place digitally via Zoom.

Time: Wednesday, 02.12.2020 12:00-13:15

Registration and the programme of events can be found on the website of Bielefeld University.

You can also find more information about the research on Future Skills on our website!

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