Go, life and grow, Rainbow Nation

After 27 years of political imprisonment under an apartheid regime which killed, tortured and humiliated every single day takes the floor three days after his release and begins with the words: “I am you humble servant” and  postulates  reconciliation, this deeply impressed me and shaped my best vision of a better world.

I have been visiting South Africa myself some 8 years ago for almost 2 month  and travelled from Capetown to Durban. The beauty of the  country and its story, history and legacy as a divided country left their imprints in my memory. I have had many discussions with South Africans about the situation today and saw that the divide out of racial grounds has been replaced in many places through the divide on social grounds. I saw the devastating effects of suppression and rejection, separations, segregation and exclusion from education and society.

I have also learned that Mandela stood, and I believe will continue to stand for hope of one people in communion with each other, respect and acceptance. I so wish for South Africa that it realizes that all they achieved they achieved as people from their own strength, led by visionaries like Mandela but still from their own initiatives. South Africa grew and my South African friends tell me that they are proud of today’s South Africa.

Go, life and grow, Rainbow Nation. That is the message from Mandela. 


About Ulf-Daniel Ehlers

Prof. Dr. phil. habil. Ulf-Daniel Ehlers is Vicepresident for Quality and Academic Affairs at the Baden Wurttemberg-State University in Stuttgart, Germany. He has been appointed Professor for Educational Management and Lifelong Learning at the same university. Before he has held positions as Associate Professor in the University Duisburg-Essen (Germany), Professor for Technology Enhanced Learning in the University Augsburg (Germany) and Associate Professor of the Graduate School for Management and Technology of the University of Maryland University College (USA). Ulf is an educational scientist and holds degrees in English Language, Social Sciences and Educational Sciences from the University of Bielefeld, where he finished his Ph.D. with honors in the field of Technology Enhanced Learning in 2003, and was awarded his habilitation in 2008 from the University of Duisburg-Essen. He has created many international, European and national projects and was involved in founding the European Foundation for Quality in E-Learning, in which he served as Vicepresident and President for several terms. He has also served as President and Vicepresident of the of the largest german speaking e-learning Association, the Society for Media in Science (GMW e.V.) as well as serving on advisory boards to several professional associations in the field. Before his career in academia he has been a successful and award winning entrepreneur in the field of webbased IT Technologies and founder of several companies.
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